General Discount Promotion : "Benefit with Qxpress waybill" 2013-12-30

Dear Qxpress customers,


Please be notified that Qxpress holds a discount promotion for all sellers using Qxpress service in Singapore during 3 months from Jan till Mar 2014. Details as follows ;


u Subject : Benefit with Qxpress waybill


u Target : All Qoo10 sellers in Singapore


u Period : 1/1/2014 ~ 31/3/2014 (3 months)


u Promotion details

²  Benefit : S$0.10 discount per parcel regardless of parcel weight in case of Qxpress waybill only. Not applicable to other barcodes (packing barcode, order barcode). Example as below.

Seller grade

Normal rate

Promotion rate










²  Process : S$0.10 discounted right after in-house done by Qxpress

²  Singapore local pickup and local delivery parcel only. Reship, Overseas and QFS(Qxpress Fulfillment Service, 3PL) parcel are excluded from this promotion. For QFS parcel, it is expected to apply for this promotion in Jan 2014.

²  Qxpress barcode unreadable parcel due to print quality problem is not applicable to this promotion.


u How to enjoy discount promotion

²  Login to QSM

²  Go to “Shipping & Claim” “Shipping” “Bundle Shipping” Select relevant Order no to print

Click the button  at the bottom of the screen.


²  Print Qxpress waybill. A4 paper or A5 label are available for print. If you want to use A5 label for print, please refer to browser settings on top of Qxpress waybill image. For A5 label user, Qxpress plans to sell A5 label on Qoo10 web in Jan 2014.


u Queries : Delivery management ( / 6434-8407~10) or Customer service ( CS hotline 6434-8400)


Warmest Regards,