System [System] Information on smartship login ID change function (11/3) 2023-11-14

Dear Smartship Users, 


The ability to change the login ID in the smart ship has been implemented. 

We would like to inform you about the login ID change function. 


On the Smartship > Setting > Account Info > My Account page, click the [Change] button. 

You can then change to a new login ID.
If the login account ID is in a general account (ex) abcd1234) format rather than an email format,
if you change the login ID through the ID change function, it cannot be changed to the general ID format.
After the change, you can only change the ID in email format.


(Currently, when signing up for Smartship membership, you cannot sign up using a general ID format,
and you can only sign up with an ID in email format.)


Thank you.

Best Regards,